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Jovi/Kwan 2018 Litter

Jason & Megan Marzolf
Marzolf X Kennel

We're your last stop when looking for your next German Shorthair Pointer and an amazing place to bring your existing family companion for training and testing that could involve everything from basic obedience to a fully finished hunting dog.


Jason was born and raised in Redfield, SD (Pheasant Capitol of the World) he grew up hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors.  He purchased his first German shorthair pointer when he was 12 years old and trained her to hunt and competed in 4-H Obedience and agility. Jason loves to work with dogs of all ages, helping develop them from puppy to fully finished hunting dogs.  Jason is a NAVHDA Approved Judge. Jason has trained and handled dogs at all levels to include; NAVHDA Natural Ability, Utility, and Versatile Champion, AKC Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, Master Hunter, and Water Test.  Jason enjoys guiding for upland game 45 plus days a year.  Jason believes in taking things at each individual dogs pace while challenging them to grow and reach their full potential.

"A calm mind produces a calm body, allowing us to bring out the best in each and every dog."

Megan was born and raised near Florence, SD on the farm where early on she developed a niche for working with animals.  Megan grew up participating in 4-H where she worked with; horses, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, and any other animal you can think of.  Megan has handled dogs in; NAVHDA Natural Ability, and Utility, AKC Junior Hunter and Water Tests. Megan is an approved NAVHDA Judge and enjoys upland and water foul hunting while watching the dogs work and guides professionally about 15 days a year.  Megan takes every opportunity head on with a smile and looks forward to helping a dog understand what we are requesting of them. Megan is a vital in the development of our puppies from  birth until they go to their forever homes, she also plays an important role in early development of our client dogs that includes; basic obedience, bird/field introduction, gun introduction, and socialization.

"Words can not describe the satisfaction one feels when you see the look on a family's face when they come to pick up their companion and see what they have accomplished and achieved."



Jason & Megan Marzolf
23335 462nd Ave
Wentworth, SD 57075




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